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Hey, we're Bloom In Unity!

Meet the Founder

Growing up, Camiel always wanted to uplift and encourage others to see their worth and that their treasure is the beauty within themselves. After overcoming not always see her self worthy of much, she learned how to force out all the voices telling her that 'who' she was and what 'she' deserved.
Bloom In Unity is all about paying attention to the internal things that you can. This means recognizing your healing power, stepping into the process of transformation to unleash your innate potential, and looking in the mirror to remind yourself how worthy and wonderful you are.

You Are Worthy

Everyone deserves to accentuate their voice, find their peace, and transform their pain into purpose. And above all, do so within a shared value community that ensures you never have to walk the healing journey alone.



See our mission in action! Our community believes in activism, standing up for the rights every human is worthy of, and community service!